1 March 2018 Can you turn yourself off?

A blog on the website Momspiration translated in English

19 January 2017 do you ever give someone a compliment in the sauna?

'Sexy six pack!' Compliments in sauna? Bad plan

That you have to sit neatly on a towel and not have your neighbor unsolicited, is well known. But can you actually give someone a compliment about his beautiful body? And what do you do if someone wants to squeeze in an already full bubble bath? We ask three saunas: Lianda van Dam from Thermen Bussloo, Edwin Kempes from Spa Zuiver and Cees Aalders from Sauna van Egmond.

16 April 2016 Ode to the ideal silent room - Volkskrant 15-04-2016

The sweat lodge is one of the last places where you as a technological being can really listen to your body.