1 March 2018

Can you turn yourself off?

Answer the question for yourself. Can you do that anyway? Have you ever tried? And do you do it regularly?

But what does it actually mean?

Your head and body are in total rest
You have no idea where you are
You are (just) not asleep
You will not be distracted by anything or anyone
You do not think about anything at all
You enjoy To Tha Max and are as Mindful as you can

Before we had children, I had a lot of trouble with this. There was always something going through my mind: messages, teaching ideas, worries about others or myself, which clothes combinations would be fun, what we were going to do next weekend, whether there was still a party where we were at, etc. Always was there is some realization in my head.

When we went to the sauna or had a wonderful massage, that 'even' did not work out. How much I did my best for that, I could not completely relax. Maybe that was the problem and I should have tried less hard, but just learn to let go. That was easier said than done then!

If you had told me then that I would ever succeed, I probably would not have believed you.
That 'ever' has now come. I can finally do it! And how!?!?!

Now that we have (small) kids, time for yourself is so scarce. That is part of it and you do not hear me complaining about it at all. Our kids have enriched our lives in so many ways and we are madly in love with them. But if you have time for yourself (made), then that feels 100,000 times more fantastic than before the kids were there. To let you experience what I experienced yesterday in the Sauna of Egmond I tried to describe what happened to me when there was 4 whole hours Just Me, Myself & I time (apologies for my messy hair & no- make up do not care look and confusion / language- + style error: explode head apart ... can not be! oops ...):
What 4 hours ME-time with a mom can do ... ..

Bag packing with towels, bathrobe and slippers just for me and with a wonderful prospect. (YEAH) Only in the car with music that I like and with a wonderful outlook. (YEAH) A warm reception by the receptionist of the Egmond Sauna. (YEAH) Clothes off and bathrobe on, ready for ME-time. (YEAH) The (TOP) beautician who totally pamper me and cares for me. I do not have 85 minutes, but I do not have to do anything at all. That off button goes out very hard. (YEAH) Her hands that go over my face and make me think of a beach on Bali. Thanx Romy. The Cinq Mondes Global Kobido Facial was AH-mazing. You ROCK. (YEAH) Oh and sorrrrry for my trifle when epilating the eyebrows (AUWWW) A Texel Bock beer in one hand and a book in the other hand while my feet are heated by crackling fire. (YEAH) Eating a whole plate just for me. Nobody left or right next to me who needs to be fed by me. Nobody left or right next to me who wants to sit on his lap. I can eat my own food and enjoy it on my own fine pace. Every move is wonderfully slow and every bite tastes divine. (YEAH) Close eyes in the bubble bath and turn off the power button again. (YEAH) Sweating like a silly in a sauna with rainforest sounds = Costa Rica and Panama deja-vu. (YEAH) In the magically lit garden 4 buckets of ice cold water over my head. (AHHHHHHH) Then close the eyes with a tingling skin in a chilly chair. (Zzzzzzzz)

People. This was not normal. This fantastic feeling is only a little bit to describe, but hopefully it is as good as happened. The contrast with how I experience time for myself now compared to the pre-kids era is bizarre.

You really have to experience it yourself in order to understand it. Give yourself this. It is not selfish to make this time for yourself, it is very good. Your battery is recharged and you are therefore a much nicer partner and mum.

For years I really like the Sauna of Egmond. Alone, with a friend or with Thaddeus. Of all the saunas we have visited (quite a lot) this is our all-time favorite. Very different from the massive and overexposed sauna complexes; here the homely and personal atmosphere is the engine. Upon entering you immediately get the feeling of being really welcome. The staff know what they say and do and it comes straight from the heart. They enjoy when you enjoy and do everything to make it happen as optimally as possible.

I have also rarely experienced such professional and friendly beauticians. They take plenty of time for you and know exactly what they are doing and what they are talking about. They can find that 'off-button' exactly. What a top staff!