1. Do i need to book in advance?

We stronly advice to book in advance.

You can do so by sending us an e-mail: info@saunavanegmond.nl

Please let us know:
- which date you want to visit
- your time of arrival 
- the number of people in your party
- your telephone number.

Also let us know if you want to book any treatments (wich treatments) and for who the treatment booking is.

You can arrive till one hour after reservation time, otherwise please call that you will be later.

2. What do i need to use the spa?

You need a bathrobe and two towels. You can bring your own or rent those here.

We do advice to wear slippers. You can bring your own or buy slippers for 10 euro at our front office.

The use of swimwear is not allowed at our place.


3. Is swimwear allowed?

No swimwear is not allowed at our place.

The use of a bathrobe and towels are required, if you don’t bring along a towel and a robe you can rent those at our front office. We also advise to use slippers. We sell slippers for EU10,- but you can also bring your own. Wearing a robe is required in the bar, restaurant and lounge area. In all other areas people are naked, with only a few throwing a towel around their waist.

4. What is the entrance fee to your place?

The entrance fee is € 36,00 from monday till thursday
In the weekend the price will be € 38,00

You can stay from 10 AM till closing time.

Included is the use of all the spa facilities, the lounges as will as the little cinema.
Not included are food and drinks, treatments and cosmetics, the use of towels and bathrobes and the use of the Tan bed and the Hydrojet massage bed.

5. Do you have an evening price?

Yes, our evening price is valid from 5.00 PM:

In the summer months, you can visit us for
€ 26,00 p.p. (valid till closing time Monday through Thursdays)
€ 29,00 p.p. (valid till closing time Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)

The day price is € 38,00 valid from 10 AM till closing time.


6. Till what time can i enter your place?

You can enter our place till 9 PM.

After that time you can not visit our spa.
We always advice to book in advance.

7. Do you have a ladies day?

No we do not have a ladies day.

8. Is the use of a bathrobe obligated?

Yes it is, you can bring your own or rent a bathrobe here (€ 7,50)
We do have several sizes of rental bathrobes available.

9. Can children come to the sauna?

Children between the age of 14 and 18 years old can visit our place acompanied by an adult.

10. Are you open on christmas day?

Yes we are but usually we are fully booked at least one month in advance.
So if you want to visit please book far in advance.

On Christmas Day and Boxing day, we are open from 11 AM till 10 PM. There is an extra charge of 10 euro each.
Discounts and packages do not apply this day.

We are closed on:
- December 31st
- January 1st

11. Are you open on Kingsday?

Yes we are open on Kingsday.

Please book in advance.

12. We want to come with a group, is that allowed?

We do allow groups up to 8 people.

A reservation in advance is obligated.

If you want to book, please e-mail us at info@saunavanegmond.nl

13. Do you provide douchegel and shampoo?

Yes, you can find dispencers in our shower room.

14. Do you offer free parking?

Yes, we are situated in a neigboorhood that has plenty of free parking.

15. How about public transportation?

From the Haarlem Central train station: Bus #3 in northern direction.
The bus stop is called "Spaarnhovestraat". we are situated behind the bus stop on the other site of the street.

16. Can i use an e-reader at your place?

You can only use an e-reader if it has no camera.

The use of a camera (any device with a camera) is not allowed at our place.
This is because of the privacy of our guests,

If you use a camera at our place, we will call the police and your camera (phone, tablet, recording device) will be confiscated.

17. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
A valid photo id maybe requested.

We do also accept Maestro and cash payments.

18. Does the restaurant offer vegetarian meals?

We do have a wide range of vegetarian offers.

19. Do i need to make a reservation for your restaurant?

No, when you visit our place, there is no need to make a reservation for the restaurant.

However you do need to make a booking to visit the spa.

20. Can i smoke at your place?

There is a designated area on our patio called the "nicotarium" where you are allowed to smoke.

With exeption of this place, Sauna van Egmond is a smoke free facility.

21. Can i visit your place while pregnant?

Yes you can, but we always advice to consult your gynecologist in adavance just to be sure.

22. Do you use CCTV

Yes we do use CCTV however not in any rooms where people are naked.