The oldest museum in the Netherlands

Teylers Museum is the best-preserved public knowledge institute for art and science from the 18th century in the world. Since 1784, the public has been welcome to come and see objects of art and science.

From machines that generate electricity to millions of years old fossils, historical books and coins. Art lovers go to 'Teyler' because of his beautiful collection of Dutch masters and the world famous prints and drawings by Rembrandt and Michelangelo.

The interior of the museum alone, with its monumental oval hall as the jewel in the crown, is a tourist attraction of the first order.
Nowhere else in the world can you see an authentic museum interior from the 18th century.

The museum rooms with large display cabinets are still lit by daylight. In winter weather it can sometimes be very dark. Here you can taste the atmosphere of a museum from a bygone era.

Teylers Museum is a world in itself that you will never forget. It is named after Pieter Teyler (1702-1778), a wealthy banker and merchant who left his money to promote art and science. In the spirit of the Enlightenment he believed that knowledge did all people well. As a collector himself, he felt there had to be a place for the public to explore the world. That place was visited by great scholars of the world in recent centuries, to discuss and lecture. Others came for 'looking at art'.

And that is still happening in Teylers Museum, for 225 years. Every year about 100,000 visitors find their way to the museum: adults from home and abroad. but certainly education, and even the little ones. Is it not for the fixed presentations, then for the exhibitions, the lectures and educational and children's programs.

A visit to the museum can easily be combined with a day or evening at Sauna van Egmond!