Maroccan Style

Moroccan Style
The Meknes-sauna is a Moroccan style sauna.
With it’s 85 degrees celcius and a humidity of approximately 15 % this lavender scented sauna is a lovely place to be.

The average lenght of time spent in the Meknes sauna is 10-15 minutes. 
The Meknes sauna is a stove heated sauna, therefore the heat will be more and more intense the closer you get to the stove.
As hot air rises up, the “coolest” spot in the Meknes sauna is on the lower bench.  Lying on a bench is considered preferrable for it warms the body very gradually. 

Perspiration is the body’s way of trying to cool down the body.
The general hygiene measure in all of the sauna’s is to use a towel to sit on. 
If the heat is too intense,or if you feel unwell or ill, advised is to leave the sauna and cool down. We advise you to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. After that start cooling down gently with cold water or a shower.

After exiting a sauna it is good practice to take a few moments before taking a cold shower and plunge in cold water. It is better to step into the plunge pool gradually, rather than immediately immersing fully..

Cooling down is an important part of the sauna cycle. After heating should be proper cooling down.

It is important to eat regularly and keep yourself hydrated.  
It is proven that using the sauna on regular basis reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular conditions.