Medieval Haarlem

The largest church in Haarlem is the Grote or Sint Bavokerk on the Grote Markt.

This church, which is so decisive for the Haarlem city silhouette, is built in Gothic style and has a cross shape. The midship was already started around 1400. The tower was only completed in 1520 and is more than 75 meters high.

The third version of the first Dutch plane, the Spin 3 by Anthony Fokker, flew around the Grote or St. Bavokerk on the occasion of Queen's Day in 1911. The characteristic bell sound of the 'Damiaatjes' can be heard every night and reminds of the hero's role. who filled the Haarlemmers in 1219 with the Egyptian Damiate. In the church is the famous Müller organ from 1738, on which Mozart still played as a boy and lie the gravestones of Frans Hals, Pieter Teyler, Pieter Jansz. Saenredam and many others.

Originally, the church was Catholic, but after the Haarlem Iconoclasm the Protestants took over the building by force. Since then, the church has been reformed.

A visit to this church is ideal to combine with a day or evening in our Spa.