OMG that's cold!

Cooling down is an essential part of the sauna round. After warming up in the sauna, steam bath, swimming pool or other sauna facility, it is very important to cool the body down again. On our spacious patio you will find a barrel with ice to scub your body with, and also a well with ice cold water water.

Is this too cold for you?  Choose the mist, rain or jungle shower. A splash in the ice-cold plunge pool completes the cooling process.

By going outside after your saunabath, your lungs will be the first to automatically cool down. You can then sprinkle cold water over your arms and legs and finally cool the rest of your body.
Please note, not only in the sauna or the steam bath you can heat up, but also in the swimming pool or in the whirlpool.

You can find our patio at the outdoor area between the Finnish Sauna and the Meknes Sauna.