PediQure Deluxe with color nail polish

  • Price: €52,00
  • Duration: 55 minutes

Full treatment of the feet, nails and cuticles provided by our pedicure specialist. The nails are cut and filed, and the calluses are removed. If desired, attention is paid to corns or fungal nails. After an invigorating scrub follows a wonderful foot massage. Finally the nails are lacquered with a color of your choice from our Alessandro collection and you will also receive this color as a gift.

Note: our pedicure staff do not have a specialization for the diabetic foot. If you have diabetes, our pediatricians can not perform certain actions.

All our manicure and pedicure treatments can also be booked without a sauna entrance.
For a last minute reservation call: 0031 (0)23 5252425. (option 9)

Our beauty salon is open 7 days a week from 10.00 am couple treatments are possible: you will be treated at the same time in the same room.


PediQure Deluxe with color nail polish