SPA Experience Indoceane

  • Price: €92,50
  • Duration: 85 minutes

Experience complete tranquility and be surprised on your world trip to the East!

Step by step, the mystical and delicate scents and colors of the Orient mix with the richness of the ocean. This enchanting world tour crosses seas, oceans and cultures.

The journey begins with a purifying “Sweet & Savory” body scrub with brown cane sugar, essential oils and sea salt.
The scent of citrus fruits has a restorative effect on your mind.

Then you undergo a deep-working Indian massage: This unique vital relaxing massage is based on the Eastern massage method and contains the essential oils: sandalwood, cypress, patchouli and a restorative Indian medicinal oil. Four traditional methods are used to calm the mind and give the body an energy boost.

Finally, the silky smooth body wrap is applied to you. This body mask contains rice oil that deeply nourishes and protects the skin and holy lotus that also allows the body to relax wonderfully after the treatment.

SPA Experience Indoceane