Hyaluronic Filler Ritual

  • Price: €69,95
  • Duration: 55 minutes

Energy Lift is a deep-tissue massage that subjects the entire facial muscles with repeated and rapid manual stimulation to restore their original tonicity.

The Energy Lift Massage stimulates the metabolism of the skin. As a result, the muscles regain the natural properties: elasticity, suppleness and tone.

We proudly add the latest anti-aging technique to our range; the revolutionary natural facelift.

The deeper skin parts of the facial skin are massaged by means of firm grips. This technique stimulates blood circulation and urges the skin to skin to make collagen itself; adhesions are addressed. The result is an activated skin that absorbs care products faster.

The Energy Lift Massage helps to make wrinkles softer and reduces fatigue. The result gives a nicer skin tone and skin condition.
After the skin analysis, a cleansing and peeling follows the Energy Lift Massage followed by the Wrinkle Control Gel Mask.

All our beauty treatments can also be booked without a visit to the sauna.
It is also possible to be treated with 2 people at the same time in the same room: to catch up with a friend during a relaxing facial treatment or body wrap.

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Hyaluronic Filler Ritual