Thai feet massage (25 min)

  • Price: €38,50
  • Duration: 25 minutes

With the Thai foot massage, the feet are massaged with the hands and pressure points are stimulated on the sole of the foot with a massage stick.

The organs and body parts of the human being are connected to a place on the foot, so that after the Thai foot massage it feels like you have undergone a full body massage.

This massage brings the body to rest and provides the parts that have become unbalanced due to stress of sufficient blood and energy.

All our massages can also be booked without a visit to the sauna.
Although a Thai foot massage is less intensive than a foot reflex massage, energy can also be stimulated in the body. Therefore we do not recommend this massage during pregnancy.

Just dream away during a soothing massage: All our masseurs are NGS certified. The massage studio is open 7 days a week from 11 am to 10 pm. It is also possible to be massaged with 2 people at the same time (not in the same room).

For last minute reservations call us at 0031 (0)23 5252425 (option 9)


Thai feet massage (25 min)