Sports massage - 25min

  • Price: €38,50
  • Duration: 25 minutes

A sports massage is a good way to completely relax your body and mind with a beneficial, refreshing effect, both physically and psychologically.
Sports massage is an excellent way to absorb this load and is effective in a number of ways.

Preventive: sports massage is used to reduce fatigue symptoms, which are the direct result of physical exertion. The wastes that cause fatigue symptoms such as pain or cramp are massaged out of the muscles.

Preparatory: sports massage is also used to activate muscles for a sporting performance, as part of the warming up.

Restoring: the effect of virtually any form of massage is mental and physical relaxation. In addition to the relaxed feeling that massage gives, the body will also recover faster.
Stress, tension, top performance? Sports massage helps the body!

All our masseurs are N.G.S. certified. The massage studio is open 7 days a week from 11 am to 10 pm.



Sports massage - 25min