Pregnancy massage - 50 min

  • Price: €73,00
  • Duration: 50 minutes

Pregnancy massage at Thermen Beauty Sauna van Egmond can be booked with or without a sauna visit.

The pregnancy massage works relaxing, relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation, also of the baby. The pregnancy massage ensures that the body comes to rest completely.
This massage can be booked from 14 weeks of pregnancy.

The benefits of a Pregnancy massage
During pregnancy one can suffer from all kinds of ailments. Fatigue, less or less sleep, back pain, neck pain or pelvic pain, troubled legs, varicose veins, fluid retention, changing hormones and fear of childbirth; it all causes stress in the body. A Pregnancy massage can help you with this! Through the massage, the pregnancy is experienced more consciously, you feel the signals that your body delivers better and you feel calmer. This makes it easier to relax, even during delivery.

Scientific research has shown that women who regularly undergo a pregnancy massage, sleep better and suffer less from back pain. The massage reduces stress, has a calming effect and reduces complications during pregnancy.

Special massage table
Sauna Egmond has a special massage table with extra space where you as a pregnant woman can lie on your stomach. A special band ensures that your abdomen is supported.

This table also has a recess for the breasts, very nice when they are sensitive by the pregnancy. The extra space also make the table suitable for breast problems and prostheses. This "Prenatal" massage table is designed in collaboration with specialists, obstetricians and massage therapists.

You can enjoy a pregnancy massage from 14 weeks of pregnancy up to and including the last day of your pregnancy. If you have a medical complaint, talk to your doctor first. Report these medical complaints to us in advance.

A pregnancy massage includes massaging back, neck, shoulders, back of the legs and arms.


Pregnancy massage - 50 min