2 September 2022

Our Monthly Specials

Septembers's monthly specials
Specially composed for you by our kitchen and catering staff.
September sandwich of the month
Italian focaccia  €12.25
Focaccia with tomato salsa, mozzarella, black olives,
chorizo ​​sausage and oregano (can also be ordered vegetarian).
Goat cheese and beetroot .. nice starter isn't it?!  €13.50
Mousse of goat cheese with beetroot together with alfalfa salad
and a mix of different nuts.
out of the water
From the exit  €19.50
Salmon and hake together in a coconut curry sauce with pointed cabbage, bell pepper, onion and carrots. A demi Baguette on the side for dipping.
Thyme's welcome €9.00
Sweet apples with cinnamon ice cream and a crumb of stroopwafel.
Scroppino  €8.50
Are you going for the classic one with vodka, prosseco and lemon ice cream
or do yoy choose the star scroppino with vanilla, vodka and passion fruit mash.