1 May 2022

Our Monthly Specials

May's monthly specials
Specially composed for you by our kitchen and catering staff.
May sandwich of the month.
Baguette Pulled Chicken  €11.75
Demi baguette with pulled chicken, pesto, crème frache,
seed mix and iceberg lettuce.
From the Land
Tomato pork   €21.25
This rib roast is the pork ribeye with the bone attached.
Served with chimmichurri and a baked potato with cheese salsa.
The white gold  €21.25
Asparagus prepared in the traditional way with Dutch bantam, ham,
boiled egg, clarified butter and nutmeg.
What a gem (starter)  €14.75
Pearl couscous salad with boiled egg, old cheese from Amsterdam,
pickle, bell pepper and croutons.
after dinner
Limoncello Mousse    €8.75
Creamy mousse based on limoncello with red fruit,
cake from beautiful Bastogne and ice cream from forest fruits.
Assie's coffee cocktail:  €8.25
A sweet treat of vanilla ice cream, liqor 43 and espresso.