2 November 2019

Our Monthly Specials

The monthly specials of November
Specially composed for you by our kitchen and catering staff.
The sandwich of the month
The wild burger                                                                                                       € 11.75
A Wild burger of deer and wild boar on a brioche sandwich with tomato, pickle,
fried egg, bacon, cheddar cheese and mustard mayonnaise.
Courgettini (BIO) (V)                                                                                              € 12.50
Organic courgetti (zucchini spaghetti) with baked witch mix, tricolore tomato, and
mixed nuts, Danish blue and served with mesclun lettuce.
From The Country
Duifies!                                                                                                                     € 17.50
Fillet of varnished wild pigeon with a muslin of turnip, potato,
parsley, apple cider vinegar and candied onion.
Out of the water
Gamba pleasure                                                                                                      € 18.50
Tagliatelle with stir-fried prawns, spinach and to top it off a delicious
pesto cream sauce. Served with a healthy salad.
Chocolate therapy                                                                                                   € 8.75
Home-baked brownie with a homemade chocolate ganache and a cremeux of orange.
L’oceane Vitality Juice                                                                                            € 4.25
This drink is made with apple-mango juice that has a positive effect on your immune system.
This drink is for everyone who has to deal with skin dehydration, suffers from stress or fatigue or is
recovering from illness. The L’oceane ampoule from Thalgo © that is added to this drink contains living seawater.
This helps hydrate the body; minerals are replenished so that the body regains energy and vitality.
Bock beer
We are in the middle of autumn, which includes a nice bock beer!
Ask for the changing bock beers on tap.