1 December 2018

Our monthly specials

Mushroom soup (v)
Bright forest mushroom broth with a touch of French Cognac.
€ 5.95

December Dream (biologic)
Real winter salad with biologic parsnip and carrot, avocado, radish and Granny Smith apple. With a sweet dressing of honey and orange. Served with primal bread and butter.
€ 14.75

Rouleau of Rundersucade (starter)
A beef beef rouleau, served on
a bed of frissee. With a curl adelever
€ 12.75

Triffle of Blackberries and Cranberry (v)
Layered English dessert with coconut syrup and forest fruit ice cream
€ 7.95

Christmas Bun
Freshly baked cranberry spelled bread with warm wild boar ham, rocket, walnuts and cherries.
€ 9.25

Deer steak
Our regular winter topper: in the pan
fried venison steak with red wine sauce, mashed potatoes and stew.
Served with a green salad.
€ 21.75

Aҫai Bowl
The hit of this moment ... Acai bowl, based
of the dark purple acai berry, is praised
for its healthy properties.
The berry contains anti-oxidants, omega
3 & 9 fats, vitamins and minerals.
Served with coconut grater,
cruesli, blueberry and banana.
This dish is organic, vegan and also delicious
€ 9.25

Bock beer
Look at the board on the wing at the bar to the bock beer of the day!
€ 4.85

Carménère Gran Reserva
Luis Felipe Edwards is a sophisticated gentle
red wine with a pleasant
spiciness and tannin.
€ 4.15 per glass,
€ 11.50 per carafe
€ 21.00 per bottle

Choco glow 43
The heat-up hit of 2018,
Hot chocolate, shot espresso
and a dash liqor 43.
A whipped cream and a chocolate bonbon complete this plateau
€ 7.50