1 March 2019

Our monthly specials


Salad from Beet leaf
An ultimate spring salad based on beet leaves,
green asparagus, sugar snaps, peas and radishes.
With a soft-boiled egg and horseradish dressing.
Served with cranberry spelled bread and butter.
 € 14.50

Quiche (v)
Homemade quiche in the pan.
With vegetarian minced meat, tomatoes, egg,
mascarpone and roasted nuts mix
€ 11.95
Lamb chops
In a marinade of mint, garlic and anchovies.
On a bed of roasted carrots and fresh mint.
Served with fried Roseval potatoes
€ 20.75
Barra lambsham
The roll of the month of March.
A freshly baked barra with a homemade
houmous, fresh pomegranate and lamb ham.
€ 9.75
Marinated apple (f) (bio)
This organic Jonagold apple is marinated in
vanilla extracts, cinnamon and star anise.
and served with vanilla syrup and sorbet ice-cream
€ 7.75

Chai Tea Latte
Chai Tea Latte is made from Darjeeling tea, vanilla, invigorating spices and honey.
With foamed warm milk.
Choose from the flavors Vanilla or Rooibos.
€ 3.75
Gris Blanc Rosé
This "blush" rosé has a fruity nose in the nose
tones and the taste is pleasant because of its fresh acidity.
This wine goes perfectly with the lamb chops
but is also delicious as an aperitif.
  € 4.10 per glass
  € 11.50 per carafe
  € 20.00 per bottle

For information about allergens, please contact one of our employees.