17 October 2020

New Corona measures from October 15th

Dear sauna guest,

The government has imposed strict corona measures. In any case, our catering department will close for the time being as of 15 October.

The sauna will remain open for the time being. Because no more food and drinks are left by us, we take the following additional measures:

- Sauna van Egmond is open daily from Thursday 15 October from 10 am to 11 pm.
- the catering is completely closed, no food and drinks are provided.
- During this period it is allowed to bring your own food and drink and to eat it in the rest areas.
- alcohol is not allowed.
- calling and having food delivered is not allowed.
- we do not provide cutlery or plates, nor are we allowed to cool or heat food.
- There will be a possibility to drink water in the sauna area,  cups will be provided.
- the massage department and the beauty salon are normally open for the time being.
- we allow a limited number of guests
- reservation is required.
- We strongly recommend wearing a mouth mask when moving within dry areas.