23 September 2021

From September 25, a corona ticket is required for a visit to Sauna van Egmond.

From September 25, a corona ticket is required for a visit to Sauna van Egmond.

We are aware that this leads to mixed reactions when asking for a corona ticket. However, we have no choice in this, it is a legal obligation.

A sauna visit is all about rest and relaxation in a safe environment. The place where you don't want to experience crowds. That is why we will also allow fewer guests after September 25, so that you have more peace and space to relax.

If you only come for a treatment, a corona ticket is not necessary.

The most important measures at a glance:
*Book in advance
Pre-booking your sauna visit is mandatory. Also stick to the agreed arrival time.

* Corona ticket
What do you need?

1. You must be in possession of a valid Corona vaccination certificate or-

2. Negative test result less than 24 hours before your visit or-

3. Restore evidence from a minimum of 11 days and a maximum of 180 days ago.

The corona admission ticket can be created in the form of a QR code via the Coronacheck app or on paper via Unfortunately, we cannot grant you access without a valid QR code.
Upon arrival, we will ask for the QR code in combination with a valid ID.

* Give each other space
The government has lifted the one and a half meter measures as of September 25. However, we also allow a limited number of guests after September 25th. This gives you as a guest plenty of rest and space to relax. You keep an appropriate distance from each other and give each other as much space as possible. So nice for yourself and others.