Hari Daniella Facial - 55 min (november special)

  • Price: €47,50
  • Duration: 55 minutes

Cinq Mondes Special November: Hari Daniëlla Facial Treatment
A rejuvenating facial treatment with our exclusive brand Cinq Mondes.
Thanks to the combination of extracts of five tropical flowers and the
treatment, inspired by Indonesian rituals, the skin is cleaned;
purified and the face looks beautiful.

Content of the treatment: 55 MIN
After the epilation of the eyebrows, the Cinq Mondes opening ritual follows.
Hereafter the skin is thoroughly cleaned with a cleanser inspired on tropical flowers and a seeds peeling.

Then an elixir is applied with a Chinese massage method after which you can enjoy an energetic massage of the meridians with the relaxing Japanese KoBiDo massage.

The mask follows with an extensive head and face massage and finally a day and eye care and the Cinq Mondes farewell ritual.

entire month of November
~ 55 min € 47.50 per person ~
normal price: 55 min € 69.50 per person,
The treatment can be booked individually and as a duo
You can also book this treatment as 85 minutes of treatment: click here

Hari Daniella Facial - 55 min (november special)