1 November 2019 t/m 30 November 2019

The Power Of Magnesium Facial Treatment

The power of magnesium
Facial Treatment

Magnesium is the third necessity of life for the body in addition to oxygen and water.
On average, a person needs around 400 milligrams of magnesium per day. Unfortunately we do not eat enough foods with magnesium and there is a shortage of magnesium in our body. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin. At least 90% of the magnesium is absorbed at cell level via the hair follicles and sweat glands within a few minutes. The major advantage of applying through the skin is to treat acute problems locally.

We start this treatment with a magnesium foot bath
during this foot bath you can enjoy a delicious cup of herbal tea.
Your legs are then massaged with magnesium oil.

When the oil is withdrawn, the facial skin is cleaned and scrubbed
with the mineral-rich products from Thalgo.
When the skin is cleaned you will enjoy a relaxing massage
of cleavage, neck, shoulders and the face where use is made
of a natural oil that deeply nourishes the skin.
The treatment is concluded with a hydrating day and eye cream from Thalgo.

We model your eyebrows during this treatment.

Entire month of November
€ 49.50 per person

Duration: 55 minutes
 normal price: € 81 per person
The treatment can be reserved individually and as a duo

Ask our reception about the availability of this treatment

Tip: To make your magnesium deficiency extra up to standard, you can extend your day with a magnesium back massage.

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