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Small Silicium

Marine Silicon combined with the Face Fitness Roller
Firms the skin, fills wrinkles and refreshes the complexion.

A brand new complex with strengthening Marine Silicon
with Diatom extract + Marine bamboo extract + Vitamin C.
The first professional treatment inspired by Face Fitness for the skin
to firm, fill wrinkles and refresh the complexion.
Silicon Lift Firming Treatment combines the anti-aging power of silicon and vitamin C with an exclusive skin stimulation technique performed with Face Fitness Rollers.
During this treatment, the eyebrows are first modeled again.
Then the skin is cleansed and exfoliated.
Our Resurfacing cream is used for the scrub.
An innovative cream that gives the skin a dermabrasion exfoliation.

Then the beautician will give you a dermastim massage.
This is a sports massage for the skin where blood flow is stimulated, adhesions are lifted, collagen production is stimulated, waste products are removed and fine lines are softened.

This massage is concluded with the Face Fitness Roller.
This roller gives a gentle dermal muscle massage through mechanical kneading, guided by the two mobile rollers, mimicking the effect of a professional massage.

The treatment is concluded with a serum, eye and day care from our Silicon line.
These beautiful products are highly concentrated in silicon and vitamin C,
and provide corrective and firming results after just 14 days.

Entire month of June
€ 59.50 per person

Duration: 55 minutes - normal price: € 78.50 per person

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